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Hi! - I’m Leonor

A Freelance Graphic and Communication Designer
who looks for poetry in the ordinary and
likes to reinvent what surrounds her.

I consider myself a visual collector with a particular interest for spontaneous, experimental and ephemeral visual content. I like to look for concepts in the things that surround me and give them a little twist with colours, shapes and textures, always looking forward to explore different materials and techniques.

After a BA in Communication Design in Lisbon Fine Arts Faculty (2014-2017), my professional path started in 2018 at FORA Sunglasses and quickly evolved to several freelance projects with friends, colleagues and clients around the world.

To me, everything has a visual and conceptual meaning: from the simplest objects to the biggest ideas. This is why I believe every project is unique and deserves particular attention and dedication in order to find its essence. The project’s process is everything to me - it’s all about looking for meanings and visuals in unusual perspectives and helping others finding theirs.

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