- Graphic and Communication Designer


Hi - I’m Leonor

A Graphic and Communication Designer
based in Lisbon, Portugal who loves to
explore different graphic styles, materials
and techniques on every project.

With a BA in Communication Design from Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon (2014-2017), I was responsible for my year’s Design Exhibition - Sem destino a - in 2017. I Developed the exhibition’s graphic identity, the website and was also responsible for the Photography part. In that period, me and my colleagues organised talks and workshops in and outside the Faculty.

During my degree, I explored my love for textures, typography, colours, lettering and patterns. I have a huge passion for History of Art, travelling, Street Culture, stationary, books and notebooks, Photography and Illustration.

After that, I worked during 1 year for the portuguese eyewear brand FORA Sunglasses and currently I’m a Freelancer, who’s always looking for new challenges and collaborations with clients, new people and friends from all over the world.

I have a particular interest for spontaneous, experimental and ephemeral visual content. I love to see things where they don’t exist. Or where other people don’t see them. As part of a young generation of Designers, I believe we should always be reinventing and exploring what surrounds us. Always in constant search: looking for meanings and visuals and helping others finding theirs.

Featured on Slanted Magazine #34 - Europe (November 2019) with project FROM EUROPE WITH LOVE

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