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By FuturNeue

By Joseph Blus

By Studio Jimbo

New Studio Website

By Nikhil Bourdereau


By Studio Jimbo

By Nikhil Bourdereau

By Bráulio Amado

By Oscar Maia

By Damien Tran

By Bureau Progressiv

︎Maat - Exhibition Supergood | Diálogos com Ernesto de Sousa

From BE  Skateboarding Magazine

By Studio Tillack Knoll

Anthropometrie by Yves Klein

By Arne Meyer

By Tim Henger

By Anthony Burrill

By Studio ASL

By Büro Bum Bum

By W-E Studio

‘Les fleurs dans la peinture’

Pixies “EP 2” inner and outer sleeve (2013) by Vaughan Oliver

By Patrick Thomas Studio

Poster by Miguel Sousa


Arno Labat,
Dolphin Resistance

by Jean Jullien

︎Marrakesh, Morocco

Afro Records Magazine. Design by Laetitia Brun.

Childish Gambino “This is America” Music video.

︎Santa Apolónia Train Station, Lisbon.

Sculpture by Ralph Brown.

La Loie Fuller poster by Jules Chéret

︎London, UK

︎ British Museum,  London

“The Black Panther” newspaper cover

Fargo, Season 3 poster

Jay-Z album cover

Eye Magazine, Issue 92

Collage by Damien Tran

You are not yourself, Barbara Kruger

by Krzysztof  Iwanski

Kendrick Lamar album cover “DAMN.”

Kendrick Lamar album cover “To Pimp a Butterfly”

Sixteen Journal (#2) Cover

”Automat” by Edward Hopper (1927)

“My Brother’s Keeper” by Watson Mere

By Dimitri Jeannottat, Tiphaine Allemann and Pierre Charmillot.

By Buro Bum Bum

By Emily Schofield

By Deep Throat Studio

By Koia Studio

By Swiss Typefaces

By  Toormix Agency

By KoiaStudio

By Patrick Thomas Studio

By Sam Wood

Spread of Ray Gun Magazine 49 (Bjork Cover)

By Brando Corradini

in @russianfonts

Photo by João Castro



By Glitterstudio

By Nol

Poster by  Brando Corradini

Poster by vivóeusébio Studio

Poster Timm Henger

Poster by Desisto Studio

Illustration by Quentin Monge

Illustration by Another Angelo

by Studio Jimbo.

By Patrick Thomas Studio

”First Day at the Beach”. by Tiago Galo

Old café in Lisbon “A Carioca”.

Photo by Martin Parr

Poster by Luís Henriques for FMM 2016 in Sines, Portugal.

︎London, UK

Toiletpaper Magazine cover (issue 15)

Picture by Niaz Huddin

“Clássicos da Política Brasileira” project

”The Grand Budapest Hotel” poster (2014)

Collage by Damien Tran

︎ Bologna, Italy

︎ Bruges, Belgium

Exposit Typeface

“Cartas de Guerra” (2016), Ivo Ferreira

Edgar Degas Dancers

”Ballet Mécanique” Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy (1924)

“Index Grafik”, by Pierre Faucheux

By New Studio Studio

Photo by  Warriors Studio

By Krzysztof Iwanski

By Patrick Thomas

Collage by Joseph Staples (Office Suplies)

Public Art Project, “Capture” Photography Festival, by Joseph Staples (Office Suplies)

By Toormix Agency

︎In Fundação José Saramago. Poster by Silvadesigners

By Studio ASL

Fixture - Typeface Design by Sudtipos Foundry

FOMO by Space Caviar

By Jiri Oplatek Basel

By Alright Studio

By Cristina Lee

In Ray Gun Magazine Issue 44

By Bilal Sebei

Photo by João Castro

By Jimmy Muldoon

By Lux Frágil (Lisbon, Portugal)

By Nol

By Travis Kane

Poster by Jonathan Lawes

Poster by  Jenny Konrad

“Com o Tempo” by portuguese independent publisher Planeta Tangerina

National Gallery of Prague new identity by Studio Najbrt

Work by artist Lalu Delbracio.

Poster by Studio Jimbo.

Cafe in Barcelona.

︎Marrakesh, Morocco

Perdiz Magazine covers.

Veneza (Venice) by Antero de Quental. Design and Printed by Homem do Saco.

Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson

︎London, UK

Calling of St. Mathew, Caravaggio

“A hora Espanhola” play poster

Campbells Soup Can, Andy  Warhol

︎ Brussels

Pintura Habitada, by Helena Almeida

Bons Sons Music Festival (2017), Graphic Identity

Claus Porto Soaps

Triciclo Illustration

︎ Bologna, Italy

︎ Venice, Italy

Collage by Marcel Duchamp

Fluxus Year Box 2

”War is over” John Lennon and Yoko Ono (1972)

By This is Pacifica

By Isabel Lucena

By Buro Bum Bum

By Solenne Pagès

By Cateriana Bianchini Studio

Running Fence Christo and Jeanne Claude (1972-76)

By Oscar Maia

By Damien Tran

The  Floating Piers (2014-16) by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Design by Studio  Lennarts & De Bruijn

Design by Spin Studio

Collage by Henri Matisse

By Lyanne Tonk

Design by Raffinerie

By Philip Cronerud

By Mike McQuade

By Studio Spass

By Matt Willey


By Stefan Hürlemann

By Patrick Thomas Studio

By Jesse + Gianin

By Republique Studio

Photo by João Castro

Collage by David Carson

︎Wall in Madrid

Spread of Ray Gun Magazine, issue 55 (1998)

By Anthony Burrill

Poster by Lucas Descroix

Collage by Alexander Ciancio

Afro Records Magazine. Design by Laetitia Brun.  .

Lookbook layout by Rick Owens.

New Order’s Album cover “Power, Corruption and Lies”, 1983, by designer Peter Saville.

Wall texture in Marrakesh.

Vogue Portugal cover (special edition)

Photography by Gray Malin

José Saramago’s book covers by Silvadesigners

Dale Magazine spread

From Annie Hall, by Woody Allen

Posterzine, Issue 20, Unit Editions

︎ Bologna, Italy

Étienne-Jules Marey, Bird Flight, Duck landing

Nina Simone, 1976

Ecstasy of Saint Therese, Bernini

Sarah Migos,  Le flux de la conscience

by Eckart Hahn

by Violeta Lopiz

by Serge Bloch

by Serge Bloch