In 1929 the Belgian newspaper Vingtième Siècle launches on its youth supplement Petit Vingtième the first story of The Adventures of Tintin titled “Tintin in the Land of the Soviets”. The scene that really caught my attention was that at a certain moment before the departure to the unknown, Tintin's companions asked him to bring a postcard from Russia as if it was a holiday souvenir. 
FROM EUROPE WITH LOVE is a collection of 25 postcards with a critical perspective on today’s Europe, questioning where it’s going. An autopsy that exposes society's problems so that they are not forgotten or ignored. This is not the facet that we are used to see from Europe and these would not definitely be the memories that anyone would like to keep, but here it’s about the subversion of the typical postcard so that each one of us reflects about the controversial times that our Home is facing.

Personal Project

Project featured on Slanted Magazine #34 - Europe (November 2019)