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AURA: ecos de r-evolução 

AURA’s first number focus on the Civil Rights Movement during the 60s and 70s in the US, and in which way music from this time could work as a protest or as a way to unify people against racial discrimination.
In order to establish a relation with this subject nowadays, we chose to explore in one volume the work of five american musicians that currently dedicate their careers to this cause and 5 musicians from the 60s, and in another volume, we present 5 current Portuguese rappers that also have something to say about this subject.
AURA it’s a periodical magazine constituted by two volumes (one American and one Portuguese), a set of postcards, two CDs, a folding poster and a historical context booklet.
An artistic installation - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY - has also been created, with discriminative content found online, visual and sound stimuli that involve the spectator in a course full of obstacles to racial equality.

University Project
 Carolina Couto


                AURA: ecos de r-evolução Installation - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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